Self-healing through Breathwork offers an expansive and integrative experience of Rebirthing Breathwork. This course provides participants a clear path to incorporate Rebirthing in their current practice. Participants will work with the elements of earth, air, water and fire, and Personal Law, as well as continue to study and integrate Affirmations and Beliefs and the causes of trauma (a.k.a. the Biggies). Anatomy and Physiology of the Breath will be covered in detail to help participants understand the science of the breath and its importance from a physical level. Participants will experience four high quality Rebirthing sessions.   

This dynamic training is designed for the individual who is:
new to Rebirthing Breathwork, for those ready to train as Rebirthing Breathwork, those who have had some Rebirthing experience and desire to immerse themselves more fully into Breathwork and for the Professional Rebirther to increase their knowledge and experience to expand their Breathwork and seminar practice.

A natural by-product of this training is complete relaxation, self-discoveries, expansion of your breathwork practice, and the joy that happens when like-minded individuals come together and experience real spiritual community.